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Owning a bookkeeping business is no easy thing to do but look at you now! *cue the confetti*  Building your business into what it’s become has taken time, dedication, and (let’s face it) a little bit of humility every now and again to realize that there is still so much you can learn to enhance your success. 

Now, you’re laser-focused and ready to understand how your business works without wingin’ it so that you can be a master of your craft and reach the next growth goal you have in mind.

If you’re ready to take that next step…The Balancing Act is the coaching support to help get you there. 

Here’s the thing…we often hear other bookkeeping entrepreneurs say they know they have a business but have no idea how it should operate. Even more, they feel like they’ve completely screwed up and that it’s way too late to turn it all around. 

Yes! Let’s Go!!!

Not only do most entrepreneurs screw up at some point in their careers, but most will also agree that to be successful, you CANNOT be afraid to make mistakes. As much as we want to, we can’t simply tap the screen to skip the parts that we don’t like. 

But instead of being too hard on yourself and serving as your own soul-sucking reason for wanting to give up on your ambitions, our goal together is to learn from our mistakes by changing the way you get shit done!

Whether you’re an open book (like some of us) or need someone else to explore all of your lovely layers, I'm here to guide you, offer (honest) advice, break down your systems, and adjust them to make them work for you – not against you.

All so that you can…let’s say it together…Get Shit Done. Period.

Does this sound like you?

F*** the fear of failing. 

What You'll Get

Confidence Boost

Team Structure

Systems & Processes

The Balancing Act is our coaching session to cover whatever you wish to ace.

Where You Direct Your Bookkeeping Business Is Up To You

Refining Systems & Processes

Yes, I'm Ready

Know more than your next steps and set up systems for each of those tasks, allowing you to quickly answer your own questions AND automate the process whenever you’re ready to take action.  

  • Tech Stack Integration (What's that? Don't worry - we'll cover it!)
  • Client / Employee Onboarding 
  • Client / Employee Offboarding
  • Monthly Procedures

Aligning Purpose & Goals

There’s no single guide to running your bookkeeping business. Sometimes, we need someone to listen and connect our emotions with the company we’ve built to see the big-picture and find what’s missing.

  • Successes & Struggles
  • Networking
  • Building A Reliable Community
  • Business Trends & Advice
  • Self-Confidence
  • Pricing Mindset & Knowing Your Worth

Strengthening Team Structures

You can’t run your bookkeeping business without knowing what to do to bring out the best in every single one of your team members – and knowing when to let go to build something even better.

  • When To Hire…& Fire
  • When To Outsource
  • Joining Forces As A Team
  • Team Member Development

Cultivating Client Connections

Being able to balance your mind, energy, and plans for your bookkeeping business gives you peace of mind and time to put your clients first.

  • Providing Clean, Quality Books
  • Client Communications
  • Setting Expectations
  • Client Experience
  • Building Long-Term Client Relationships
  • Genuine Empathy & Understanding

Yes, If You Are...

No, If You Are...

🌱 A Bookkeeping startup

🌲 A Well-established bookkeeping firm

📣 Open to intense and honest input

🧽 Willing to soak up everything you need to be a better bookkeeper AND business owner

🧾 Only looking for financial and/or legal advice

🙄 Wanting all of the answers upfront with no room for engagement

🚫 Unwilling to share, learn, and adapt

🚩 Averse to the idea of supporting diversity and inclusion of any kind

Is the Balancing Act A Good Fit?

Take Charge Of Your Business

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[Beth] was very gracious to take me on [as a client] and help me out with growing my business…getting me on the right path to making that happen. She has been there for me [teaching me] how to hire, how to grow, what processes I have in place, which processes need to change and not only just what needs to happen but how that can happen. I still have a long way to go but I know she's going to be there, back me up, and give me the resources and the help that I need to make the right decisions. The knowledge base that [Beth] has, the experience that she has…making her own mistakes, I get the pleasure of learning from that…Can’t say enough good things about her.”


Our Impact

"Beth is every bit the badass her handle suggests.
 After one hour of coaching I had a TON of ideas on how to streamline my business  so I'm in a position to scale WAY up. I've gone from being afraid and confused about the future of my business to being excited and ready to take on the challenge. 
Thank you, Beth, you are amazing!"


A Letter From Your Badass Bookkeeping Coach

I’m Beth Carter, Owner and CEO of BBA Bookkeeping. But what I really want you to know is that I’m much more than a bookkeeper. I’m a coach, best friend, visionary, mom, pet parent of the dog persuasion, and so much more!

In other words, I’m a human whose superpower is connecting with other humans to help them kick ass and take names while grabbing life by the *insert expletive here*.  

Can I share something else with you? (I’m going to anyway.) 

Understanding your business beyond only what you do is so freaking important. Yet, not all bookkeeping business owners feel this way.

After (literally) YEARS of answering the same slew of questions over again, I finally did it! I decided to launch my bookkeeping coaching service The Balancing Act to bring other bookkeepers like you up to speed on exactly how your bookkeeping business could look from the inside out. 

But you should know that working with me means more than manifesting your future success. It means reflecting on your business down to the nitty gritty details to find what must be different for you to be even more successful. Change is scary. But it can’t possibly be more terrifying than never knowing what you could have done to transform your entire experience. 

My point is…you might have enough cheerleaders and inspograms in your corner already, which is fanfuckingtastic. But you also need someone (like me) to always keep it real with you so that you have tangible knowledge about your business in order for it to truly grow, give you financial comfort, and combine all of that soft and warm security with the confidence of knowing that your bookkeeping biz offers genuine value to your clients.

Does that make sense? 

Cool, I can’t wait to meet you! 

Let’s help you avoid the same struggles I experienced in my business.

Financial Clarity? Check.

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