Hitting the Books

 A DIY QuickBooks Online course for non-bookkeepers

Need to learn QuickBooks Online from somebody who gets you?

Want to do things right and build or grow an actual business (and not just a side hustle);

This course is for you if you

Are exhausted by all the YouTubing you’ve done;

Are frustrated with how long it takes you to keep up with your business's bookkeeping;

Want somebody to just tell you what to do already;

Think you’re not a math person, or that the money stuff sucks the life out of you;

Keep receipts in a shoebox until your next accounting appointment;

Avoid your books altogether;

Want to automate bookkeeping processes and become more efficient;

Want to learn to use your financial reports to your advantage. 

"I have participated in many QuickBooks workshops prior to this one with Beth Blaney. I've used QuickBooks Online for more than a year now and even though we reviewed the basics of account setup last night, I learned more in our first session than in all my previous workshops combined. Beth was organized, thoughtful, thorough, and entertaining. She handled specific questions well, including many from me, and her responses were relatable to all participants. I can't wait to see what I/we learn next week!" 

"Beth is wonderful to work with. She explains bookkeeping so well in a way I can understand and apply to my own business. Her user-friendly approach saves me time and money so I can put my efforts where I need to in my health and wellness practice. I am grateful to have her assistance!"

Natalie Tilton, Ability Allies

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Heidi, WorkFlo Consulting

Could make more money by making better business decisions; 

Imagine if you...

Spent less energy stressing over your books;

Felt financially empowered;

Had no surprises at tax time; 

Knew how much money was coming in and going out;

 Found peace of mind;

Yes, I'm Ready!

 Had more time to spend building your business.

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A DIY QuickBooks Online course for non-bookkeepers


Hitting the Books

Here's what you'll get

Easy to follow, on-demand training on how to use QuickBooks Online;

Workbook materials to take notes, print or save for future reference;

Tips and tricks to make your bookkeeping easier and faster;

Short and sweet explanations of all the nerdy stuff.

But wait, there's more...Bonuses!

A list of Beth’s favorite tools and discount codes

Done-for-you list of categories that you can import to QuickBooks

A total value of over $4,000, available now for $595

Access to Beth via the private VIP Facebook Group 

Hitting the Books is your solution to endless YouTubing and guesswork. This course will teach you how to DIY your QuickBooks Online at your own pace. You’ll learn everything from basic terminology to bank feed reconciliation, customer invoicing to custom financial reporting – you know, the important stuff. 

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A system to get tax clarity 

Periodic Facebook lives to answer real-time questions from the group and collaborate with other entrepreneurs just like you

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Meet Your Instructor

Beth Blaney is the most un-boring accounting person that you’ll ever meet, but you’d never know it by her incredible bookkeeping knowledge. No, seriously. She’s a total weirdo, but in a fun kind of way. 

Credentials? Yeah, she’s got them. Experience? Tons. Patience? That of an elephant. 

Beth has been using QuickBooks Online for over 10 years and teaching it for almost as long. She has spent her career training people on all kinds of systems, so she knows a thing or two about how to teach. 

Her goal is to make things easy for those who are interested in learning. She takes the complicated and untangles it to make it tangible. And usable. And understandable. You know, for people who don’t nerd out over QuickBooks the way that she does. 

She’s a Certified QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor, a small business owner, and a mom. If that doesn’t tell you that she’s relatable and knows her shtuff, then I don’t know what will! 

"Beth's QuickBooks training course was the perfect program to get me up and going on QuickBooks. Beth does a great job of breaking things down and explaining step-by-step how to set up everything and what needed to be done each month. In addition to the QB specifics, there were many other nuggets of bookkeeping and accounting wisdom dropped. If you are looking to set yourself up on QuickBooks, I highly recommend this course!"

"Beth is not only an incredible teacher, but she is a warm, engaging and lovely personality that instantly makes you feel at ease. She skillfully breaks down the content into easy to learn pieces, empowering you to tackle your own bookkeeping."

Hayden, Handled by Hayden

Course Reviews

Kathleen, Kathleen Lawson Consulting

Hitting the Books

A DIY QuickBooks Online course for entrepreneurs

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