About Us

Meet the team

We work with our clients, not just for them. 

We know that making business decisions can be daunting, especially when you’re not sure what your books are telling you. 

That’s why we work with you to keep your books clean and current, and your financial processes efficient and accurate.  

Whether you Do-It-Yourself or we Do-It-For You — we’ve got options to help you succeed. 

We bet that when you started your business, you didn’t set out to match bank deposits and reconcile payroll accounts - you set out to turn your passion into a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

At BBA Bookkeeping, we believe business owners should have time to spend doing what they love with the ones they love, and leave the bookkeeping to the people that love it (that’s us).

Comprised of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we offer personalized services that drive efficiency and provide financial clarity.

Meet the Owner

Meet Beth Carter — Bookkeeping’s Go-To Gal and the Spirited CEO of BBA Bookkeeping. With a knack for numbers and a flair for fostering growth, Beth isn’t just at the helm of your typical bookkeeping firm. She’s pioneering a way for small businesses to not only survive but thrive, armed with years of expertise and an insatiable passion for making business personal.

Beth’s philosophy? Empower and elevate. At BBA, it’s all about providing the kind of support that transforms your business and by extension, your life. Whether it’s innovative solutions or strategic guidance, Beth’s at the forefront, ensuring you and your business are not just reaching but exceeding your dreams.

More than numbers on a spreadsheet, it's about the stories they tell and the dreams they help realize. This isn't just bookkeeping; it’s a stepping stone to your business's next big leap.

Beth Carter, Owner/CEO

Badass. Feminist. Innovator.

Outside the ledger lines, Beth is either soaking up the sun by her pool or cozied up away from the New Hampshire snow, with a fresh business read in hand. An organizing aficionado, she’s the proud mom of Brooke and fur-mom to Mario Speedwagon. Fresh off the wedding aisle with the love of her life, Beth’s personal and professional life are chapters of the same success story she hopes to write with you.

Meet the Squad

The amazing people behind BBA





Hailing from the crisp airs of upstate NY, Kate crossed paths with Beth at her first gig in Boston—yep, they’ve been partners in crime for over 15 years! With a hefty toolkit from two decades in healthcare admin and a knack for making any process slicker, Kate’s our go-to for, well, everything. She lives and breathes the mantra, “leave it better than you found it,” whether she’s streamlining our ops or sprucing up her century-old house. Think of her as our in-house MacGyver—whether it’s a tricky spreadsheet or a tricky plumbing, Kate’s your gal!




Chelsea’s our eagle-eyed expert, not only a whiz with numbers but also a licensed CPA with a heart for the nonprofit world. Her academic arsenal includes a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Master's in Nonprofit Management. With experience spanning various industries, she particularly thrives in supporting nonprofits. When she's not mastering the financial intricacies of her clients, Chelsea loves to paint, dive into puzzles, or seek out new adventures with her family.



Straight out of Macon, GA, Jada combines her deep-rooted passion for accounting with real-world savvy. Armed with dual degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Wesleyan College, she’s not just crunching numbers—she’s gearing up to conquer the CPA exam after her Master's. With a past as an EMT, Jada’s blend of empathy and calm under pressure makes her a standout in both personal and professional realms. When the ledgers close, you can find Jada baking up a storm or plotting her next travel adventure, with a food-centric itinerary always in mind!

Christy might have kicked off her career with a BS in Chemistry, but since 2011 she’s been all about the numbers, diving deep into accounting with the same enthusiasm she has for everything else. Known for her boundless energy and a huge heart for animals, Christy is a problem-solving, data-analyzing powerhouse. Outside of balancing books and her busy home life with four kids (ranging from 17 to 24), a crew of dogs, and a new granddaughter, she’s all about hiking, camping, and belting out tunes at karaoke. There’s never a dull moment when Christy’s around!



From childhood games of "banker" with her grandparents' adding machines to her days spent riding and caring for horses, Ashley has always had a knack for numbers and a love for equestrian life. She’s masterfully melded these passions, dedicating her career to supporting equestrians and other entrepreneurs as they start and scale their businesses. Ashley thrives on the joy of seeing a small business succeed, helping owners not only follow their passions but also understand their business’s strengths and weaknesses. She’s excited to bring this blend of expertise and enthusiasm to BBA and all our clients.





Kelly dove into the banking world at just 18, gaining 14 years of valuable experience before deciding to switch gears after welcoming a new baby. A Rhode Island native now calling Southern New Hampshire home, Kelly brings a sharp eye for detail and a deep-rooted love for numbers to our team. She's a quick study, always eager to master new skills and expand her knowledge. Known for her precision and enthusiasm for learning, Kelly is ready to tackle any challenge and is thrilled to continue her growth journey with BBA.





Born in the bustling Chicago area, Erica made her way to Oklahoma at the age of 10. By a happy twist of fate, she stumbled into bookkeeping at 20 and knew instantly she had found her niche. With a knack for numbers and a semi-photographic memory that captures even the tiniest details, Erica is a powerhouse when it comes to managing accounts. She thrives on building personal connections with her clients, ensuring every ledger not only balances but tells a story. Off the clock, Erica delves into books, traces her family tree, and embraces her role as mom to a college-bound son and her quirky pets—Oreo the shih-tzu and Crimson the mischievous cat.

Amanda's journey into the world of numbers began in high school and swiftly took her through the realms of Accounting and IT at university. While studying, she sharpened her skills as a Financial Analyst at the First National Bank of Chicago. Her entrepreneurial spirit soon led her to launch a venture focused on specialized accounting software for nonprofits. After a sabbatical traversing the globe, Amanda returned to her accounting roots. Amanda thrives on making a positive impact in her clients’ lives and cherishes the deep connections she forms along the way. When she’s not tallying totals or enhancing enterprises, she’s enjoying family time, indulging in various sports, fishing, or beachcombing.

Once steering ships through the skies as an Air Traffic Controller for the US Navy, Dawn now navigates our clients through the wilds of bookkeeping and financial admin. A true go-getter, she thrives on challenges and fits the puzzle pieces of complex problems together with finesse—hey, she manages three kids, a giant dog, and a hairless cat at home, so trust us, she’s got this! Dawn’s your point person for making sure everything runs as smoothly at work as she manages the chaos at home.


While hitting the books at Illinois State University, Hillary cut her teeth at a cozy accounting firm. After bagging her Bachelor's in Accounting, she leveled up to the bustling suburbs of Chicago, honing her skills with both small businesses and big-time corporations for over a decade. Now back in her hometown of Washington, IL, with her hubby Andrew and their two adorable fur babies, Hillary's the problem solver who keeps our numbers neat and our clients happy. Off the clock, you'll find her crafting, pampering her pooches, and showering her nieces and nephews with all the aunty affection they can handle!