May 2023 Newsletter

Do you celebrate your wins? Large and small?

I’ve really dedicated myself to making this a regular practice. I didn’t discover self-esteem until my 30’s. And I didn’t really conquer ‘imposter syndrome’ until my 40’s. Which was when I also realized that a lack of imposter syndrome does not equal egoistic.

 Some days I celebrate taking my vitamin or getting out of bed! Other days I revel over a great sales call or training session with my staff. Sometimes it’s remembering to get more than 350 steps, and others it’s surpassing 10,000! Either way, they’re all wins. And you already know that the research overwhelmingly connects celebrating wins with positive emotions. Even on the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days, we can all find something to celebrate.

 I know I talked about a new favorite book of mine, Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg already in February, but it’s had such a big impact that I’m bringing it up again. An interesting tactic that the author teaches is to physically celebrate those tiny wins… even with an air-high-five! That physical motion and connection to the win does something really amazing to your brain.

You don’t need to share those wins… you can write them down, say them in your head, or say them aloud to the air as you’re air-high-fiving… but I find that sharing my wins (and hearing others’) helps boost my mood!

Soooo…. Let me share a HUGE win with you!

A little background – I never finished the last 5 classes to get a college degree. I never formally learned bookkeeping, or CEO-ing. You see, I’m a classic figurer-outer. The imposter vibe was STRONG. (It also likely pushed me harder to get better! WIN!)

Well, there’s a company called Pure Bookkeeping. They’re a pretty big deal in my industry as they’re basically setting bookkeeping standards for all of us figurer-outers out there. Last year, they reached out to me to be on their podcast, The Successful Bookkeeper. I. Was. Floored. I really WAS a successful bookkeeper! I wasn’t just a know-it-all hack!

Well, they recently reached out to me again. Apparently, they think that I’m an expert in my field and they wanted me to review their new portal and make suggestions before going live. ME?!?!?! YUP! Me. Giving input on a system that thousands of bookkeepers use to streamline and systemize their businesses.

It’s kind of the ultimate confirmation that my own self-esteem is warranted. (So I guess that means that maybe the imposter syndrome wasn’t all-the-way gone?) 

Anywayssss…. I just wanted to share this win with all of you and remind you to celebrate the small stuff.

One of the things that we do at BBA is to spend the first portion of our weekly team calls celebrating wins.. small and large, business and personal. It was surprisingly hard at first, for everybody. But it gets easier each week and it FEELS REALLY AWESOME! (We even nudge each-other now to give air-high-fives.) 

Use the comment section below to let me know how you and/or your team celebrate your wins!

BBA Made Me Buy It

I like to celebrate wins by pampering myself! I turn my space into a fabulous spa getaway! I light up scented candles and transform my bathroom into a haven of relaxation. It’s my ultimate self-care extravaganza, and I love every minute of it!

See below for a few options to either buy for yourself or to send to somebody who needs a bit of celebration and/or pampering!

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May 18, 2023