July 2023 Newsletter

Marriage is what brings us together today.

Kate here! And for real – I get to reach out to all of you beautiful people because a certain someone just got hitched! 

I was fully prepared to write this newsletter about how she’s relinquished control to us while soaking up that honeymoon bliss, which is not an easy thing to do for any business owner. And how she’s worked really hard to get to this point. (Actually, WE have worked really hard to get us to this point.) But then the wedding weekend happened, and we got to celebrate with her and Randy, and OUR TEAM, and I realized the bigger lesson here is about what an incredible leader we have and how much I value this company.

In my career, the best places to work have been the ones that care about their staff more than the bottom line. And the best leaders have been ones that get to know their team and care about them as whole people, not just as employees. 

MAN do we have that and more. We have someone so invested in us as humans that the night before her wedding, she arranged a team dinner for us all to spend time together. Not a pre-wedding spa day, or one last hurrah with her bridesmaids, but a dinner with all of us and our partners. Because we matter. She shows us that every day, and that motivates us to do the same. We showed her by driving 1,200 miles for a weekend, flying to a wedding solo and tearing up the dance floor, and holding a portable fan up her dress. 

But we also work to show her (and our clients) our dedication each day. We’ve worked our butts off leading up to this month to make sure Beth could go into it without having to worry about who is running the business while she’s out. Honestly, it’s what we’ve been working toward for the past few years. We’ve built a team that cares about each other and the business and genuinely wants to work hard to grow it and see it succeed. 

Has it been perfectly smooth sailing? Nope, but that’s how we’re learning how to be better for the next time (next vacation, not wedding)!

Are we doing everything exactly the way Beth would? Probably not (she’s a much better writer than I am), and that’s OK. This process has been about us gaining confidence in our ability to handle things without constant input, but also about Beth learning to let go and be OK with things doing things a different way (the hardest part of delegation in my opinion). 

I know we sound like broken records when we talk about building systems, but that’s because THEY WORK! So many of the things that we used to do – that Beth used to do herself – are now automated or delegated, allowing her the freedom to generate more sales, create new business offerings, marry her soulmate… you get my point. We’ve built systems that can “run like clockwork”, and a team that supports that vision, to let our fearless leader learn, dream, and keep creating a bigger, broader future for BBA. 

So, if you need encouragement, here it is. Build a company you yourself would want to work for. Cultivate a team that not only provides good work, but furthers that vision for your company, and shows up for you personally and professionally (and on the dance floor).  And if you think you need some help or guidance in this arena, keep your eyes out for some announcements in the future!

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July 17, 2023