August 2023 Newsletter

Even though I just said “I do” to the man of my dreams, (ahem… did you SEE the wedding video?!?!), I’ve also been saying or hearing “It’s not you, it’s me” with others. Breakups. Are. Hard.

It started with my nail tech. (Don’t worry, I’ll bring this back to business, I swear.) I’ve been getting my nails done by Emily for a couple of years now. We talk THE WHOLE TIME. She was one of the first to know that I was engaged! Welp… Emily moved to Maine. MAINE! How dare she? On her last day, we hugged and cried. Yes, I cried with my nail tech and I’m not sorry about it!

Then I cheated on my hair stylist. We haven’t broken up… yet. She’s just so far away and I needed to shave my head NOW!

I’ve gone through breakups with my financial advisor, coaching programs, our IT provider… Don’t even get me started on employees…

 And then there are clients.

Maybe they’re no longer the right fit (people and businesses change, ya know!) Maybe they can no longer afford you. Maybe there’s a personality conflict. Maybe they want something more or different.

Client breakups are HARD. No matter how amicable, there are so many layers to it beyond just the financial implications (which are not to be taken lightly!).

  • Clarity: Should I stay or should I go?
  • Price ‘em Out: What if I just raise my rates? Then they’ll go away on their own, right?
  • Ego: If I do it first then they can’t hurt me.
  • Hopefulness: If we part ways, I’m opening the emotional and physical door for a client who’s a better fit for me right now.
  • Fear: What if I won’t find somebody new?

I tend to build close relationships with my clients. Like full BFF status. Ending a professional relationship can truly feel like heartbreak.

I don’t have the answers, I’m still learning the ropes of saying adieu (whether it’s to a favorite nail polish or a longtime client), and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I think it’s always hard and always will be.  If you have any tips or tried-and-true practices to get through it or get over it, let me know in the feedback box below.

Until then, I’ll take solace in the wise words of good ol’ Seventeen magazine, “Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser”. So, there’s that. ?

What Beth’s Reading

Fix This Next

I know, I know, another Mike Michalowicz book. What can I say – the man is brilliant.

As a business owner, sometimes you get to a point when you don’t know where to focus your next big effort. Well, this book will tell you how to figure that out. I LOVE this book. So much so that I got my certification!!

So what’s the most critical weak link in your business? Read this to find out more!

If you want to know what to fix next in your business, click here to take the quiz!

BBA Made Me Buy It

Now that the wedding is over (did I mention I got married?!), I need something to do with all of the time and energy I had been spending on crafts and planning. Welcome to my secret passion – ORGANIZING! Here are some of my favorite home organization tools I’ve been using. 

Bed Sheet Organizers

The BEST for organizing your linen closet! 
Locking Document Storage

Secure storage for all of your important documents
Cord Storage Containers

Label them for even more organize-y goodness!

Tell me! How do YOU cope with a business break-up?

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August 16, 2023